Several Reasons Why You Should Hire a Parking Lot Sweeping Service

Parking lot sweeping services

If you own or operate a parking lot or retail center, you want to make sure that these areas, as well as the adjoining streets, are free from debris and pollutants. When these spaces, including sidewalks and other access points, are well-maintained, it can make a significant difference with attracting and retaining customers.

Many customers will make a value judgment based on a business’ exterior. They assume, perhaps incorrectly, that if your external spaces are strewn with debris, harbor storm run-off, or otherwise appear unsanitary, your interior spaces will mirror these conditions.

It may be challenging, and in some cases dangerous, to take care of clearing streets, sidewalks, and other areas during a storm. After the storm has abated, however, it’s important to do so for more than just appearances.

Due to storms and other factors, pollutants and other debris are released into the atmosphere and collect in urban environments. While some of these substances may be invisible to the naked eye, others may be unsightly. Furthermore, when these substances build up, they can potentially cause health and safety concerns.

In regions that experience heavy rains, street debris can actually block stormwater facilities, which in turn may cause flooding. This can, of course, cause a considerable amount of property damage to homes as well as businesses.

Another adverse effect of flooding is that it can impact the health and balance of local estuaries. The National Water Quality Inventory reported that one of the leading causes of this is urban run-off.

In general, pollutants and urban environments appear to go hand-in-hand. Just a few examples of these include the following substances:

  • Oil
  • Grease
  • Toxic chemicals from cars and other vehicles
  • Nutrients and pesticides from turf management and gardening
  • Viruses and bacteria from failing septic systems
  • Road salts
  • Heavy metals

It’s important to note that road or street sweeping services are able to remove tons of debris on an annual basis. This can minimize the amount of pollutants due to stormwater run-off and other contributing factors, such as heavy winds and traffic.

Parking lot cleaners and street sweepers can remove paper, leaves, and other types of debris that may collect in curb gutters and surrounding areas. When you consider the annual health and environmental costs from parking-space-related pollution alone, parking lot sweeping prices pale by comparison. Recent data shows that it costs between $4 billion to $20 billion on an annual basis to address these health and environmental damages.

Parking lot sweeping prices do vary, so when you contact a local parking lot sweeping service you can discuss how often you want to have this service. After you determine the parking lot sweeping prices, you can ask about road sweeping services, too. When you invest in these services, you will notice a significant difference in the appearance of your business location.

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