Know Your Options in Pharmaceutical Serialization Solutions

Track and trace serialization

There are many options in pharmaceutical serialization solutions. One of the most common and beneficial options in medical packaging is blister packaging. There are a wide variety of blister packaging designs to suit the needs and branding of any healthcare or pharmaceutical company.

Blister packaging that incorporates PVC and foil provide a thicker and more durable option. These also allow for easy consumer usage. The plastic pocket created within the blister pack ensures the product stays safe and is less likely to get damaged than in other types of packaging.

Pharmaceutical companies commonly use blister packaging with peelable lamination on the backside, so it can be easily opened when needed. The automation of the blister packaging process allows for large numbers of blister packs to be filled and sealed quickly. This makes the process highly efficient and cost effective.
In regards to pharmaceutical serialization solutions, blister packaging is the number one solution. It provides more options and control than bottle packaging. While bottles are still commonly used, the benefits of blistering packaging for been widely acknowledged.

Carded blister packaging provides benefits in addition to the ones already discussed. For example, product instructions can be printed directly on the card blister packaging, which is growing in popularity. The carded packs also allow companies to print advertisements or coupons directly on the packaging.

While bottles are still more commonly used for liquid medicines, there are pouch packs available. These provide additional options for hospitals, doctors offices, and other healthcare facilities. Medical packing companies look at what is most cost effective and efficient for their clients.

In 2010 alone, over 2.6 billion prescriptions were ordered during doctor’s visits. Nearly 50% of all Americans have used at least one prescription medication in the last 30 days, and over 75% of all medical visits included some kind of drug therapy. These are important statistics because they indicate the size of the industry. While the cost of medications and the growth of the pharmaceutical companies is often debated, the associated industries have grown tremendously as well, which include the medical packaging industry.

As the use of prescriptions grows, the need for pharmaceutical serialization solutions also grows. In order to counter the costly nature of the medications, choosing blister packing options that are low cost but still effective is just one way to control costs.

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