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  • Know Your Options in Pharmaceutical Serialization Solutions

    There are many options in pharmaceutical serialization solutions. One of the most common and beneficial options in medical packaging is blister packaging. There are a wide variety of blister packaging designs to suit the needs and branding of any healthcare or pharmaceutical company. Blister packaging that incorporates PVC and foil provide a thicker and more […]

  • Are You Looking for Contract Design Packaging for Your Pharmaceuticals?

    In 2011, U.S. pharmacy and drug store sales reached $231.46 billion. While many patients and consumers think of pharmacy sales as over the counter purchases with a local pharmacist filling a prescription, more and more sales are handled in a variety of other ways. E-pedigree serialisation, sometimes called electronic pedigree, is an electronic documention which […]

  • This is How Pharmaceutical Track and Trace Serialisation Works

    If you’ve ever noticed the tiny serial numbers on any of your medication, you’re witnessing a direct manifestation of track and trace serialisation. Pharmaceutical serialisation is a complicated process that requires a great deal of cooperation from many facets of business. Read here to find out more about how pharmaceutical serialisation works. What is pharmaceutical […]