Wrap It Up Why Vehicle Wraps Are a Great Small Business Advertising Tool

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Finding the right advertising platform for your small business is often difficult and there are concerns about reach in relation to value and cost. While digital is increasingly touted as the medium of choice, there is still a great deal of value and impact in other forms of advertising, most notably outdoor advertising.

Large format printing companies offer what almost 50% of survey respondents say is the most unique form of advertising: vehicle wraps. This type of large format printing envelops a vehicle — car, pick-up truck or van — in a custom vinyl banner that turns it into a moving billboard. It puts the impact of your advertising in your hands but letting you decide where it goes, and wherever it goes it advertises your brand and your products and services.

The Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA) released statistics that showed that these car wraps offer the lowest cost-per-impression of any type of advertising and one vehicle — depending on the size of the city and its population — can reach 30,000 to 70,000 impressions per day. In addition, the OAAA emphasized that vehicle wraps offer other benefits as well. In particular, it cited the strategic and creative versatility of large format printing car wraps that can be full or partial and completely customized to your needs. They are also useful for both long and short term activations and are attention-grabbing.

The fact that you drive your vehicles around the area where your business is located means that you can target your consumers where they are and in a medium that is dynamic and fun. Whether you are roaming the streets or parked outside your own or another premises, car wraps are a great way to get noticed and remembered. Think of the possibilities: from trade shows to sporting and cultural events, you take your moving advert with you wherever you go.

They are also cost effective and offer a predictable fixed-advertising cost and solid return on investment. You need never worry about your car or van’s resale value either as the wrap does not damage the paint and in fact, preserves it from weather damage. In all, car wraps are excellent value, fun, flexible, and affordable, while still offering terrific reach and attention grabbing design.

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