Work Place Preparation Is an Important Part of Any Construction Project

Floor protection paper and various kinds of wall protection sheets play important parts in the construction and renovation of many spaces. From protecting surfaces that are being painted to making sure that mirrors and other glass surfaces are protected by window shields, it is often necessary to do a significant amount of prep work before any job begins.

Both residential and commercial jobs require significant amount of prep work if you want to protect existing surfaces. For instance, if you have recently had a traditional wood floor refinished you later find out that you need to have new carpet installed, it is important to take the proper steps to make sure that the wood flooring does not get scratched or dented. In this case, it may take a combination of floor protection paper and a thicker layer as well to make certain that the wood floor finish looks its best.

Temporary Surface Protection Is an Important Part of Many Remodeling and Refinishing Projects

Interestingly enough, there are a number of times when it is important to protect a surface not only from large things that can cause damage, but also the smallest of things as well. Did you know, for instance, that even respirable crystalline silica, a product that contains very small particles at least 100 times smaller than ordinary sand, are created when cutting, sawing, and crushing stone, rock, concrete, and brick? And while an individual piece of this product may not seem like it can do much damage, the fact of the matter is there are a number of times when this chemical can also cause breathing problems.
With the right kind of planning and the most careful of ventilation, however, you can protect both surfaces and lungs. Unfortunately, when these safety precautions are not taken, there are physical threats to the workers, as well as the damage that can be caused to the work areas. Did you know, for instance, that based on the frequency, severity, and preventability of the illnesses, occupational lung diseases are the number one cause of occupation associated illness in the U.S.?

Both as an effort to protect the house and to protect the workers, it is always important to make sure that a workplace is properly prepared before a project begins.

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