Why Soundproof Spaces Matter

From taking steps to build a phone booth to incorporating a soundproof office booth in an otherwise open office environment, there is no doubt that soundproof spaces matter. After all, we as a people and as individuals tend to value our quiet, as can be seen in data that has been gathered surrounding hotels and hotel rooms – and the people who occupy them. This data shows that hotel ratings will actually jump by up to one third when hotel guests are given rooms that have been soundproofed and there are no noise complaints. In addition to this, when there ARE complaints at hotels, they are most likely to be noise complaints, as such represents the brunt of complaints seen in all hotels all throughout the country as we know it.

Therefore, it is clear to see that we value our quiet. Quiet allows us to focus and concentrate. It allows us to devote our full attention to the task at hand. In hotels and motels, quiet allows us the chance to sleep. But quiet spaces are not just necessary in places like hotels. Open office environments could also benefit from taking steps to build a phone booth or some other such soundproof booth. The addition of a soundproof phone booth can work wonders in the typical office environment.

After all, nearly three quarters of all knowledge workers in this country are now working in some type of office environment, first popularized when the Facebook office was opened some years ago. However, open office environments are falling out of trend, and for many good reasons. If anything, each and every open office environment should build a phone booth or soundproof office booth, as such additions can still go a long way into providing a comfortable and productive working experience.

When you build a phone booth in the office, you will quickly begin to reap the rewards. After all, you build a phone booth in the office and you give customer service workers a place to conduct phone calls with their likely good number of customers. Such phone calls are very much still important, as it has been found that being able to speak to a real person is important. In fact, the top complaint that most people have when calling any given company is the lack of ability to speak to a customer service representative, a real person who can help them with whatever concern they might be having. Taking the time to build a phone booth in any given office space can provide a soundproof phone booth environment for customer service agents to give customers the type of service that they desire.

After you build a phone booth, you might consider the building of other soundproof booths as well. Again, the pay off will be quite immense indeed. Simply by allowing an employee to work in a soundproof space like the private phone booth for office, overall productivity will rise by as much as a full 48% and work errors will fall by as much as 10%. After all, conversational distractions in such a space will be dramatically reduced in comparison to the typical open office work space – often by as much as a full 51% or so. Therefore, it is not difficult to see why stress levels for the average employee moving to such a soundproof space would drop quite tremendously, often by a full 27%, which will improve not only the quality of the work being produced, but the overall working experience and even LIFE experience for the employee in question.

Ultimately, to build a phone booth in the typical open office is something that is more than likely to greatly pay off at the end of the day. The typical open office environment can be beneficial for many things, ranging from collaboration to friendship to the ability to problem solve quickly, but having a soundproof office booth or soundproof phone booth is also quite essential. When you build a phone booth in such an environment, you allow for more productivity than what would otherwise likely have been possible. On top of this, you allow for better customer service, something that will certainly only help you in the long run and in the end.

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