What Services Can Canadian Businesses Receive from Their Small Business Group Health Insurance Plans?

Small business health insurance benefits

In Canada, approximately 98% of all businesses are considered “small” businesses with fewer than 100 employees. Although those workers receive public benefits thanks to Canada’s public health care system, which delivers services through private organizations, there are gaps in terms of what gets covered and what doesn’t. As a result, many small business owners turn to supplemental small business group health insurance plans to make sure their employees stay healthy.

Having healthy employees is a benefit for businesses of all sizes. When employees need to take fewer sick days, either for themselves or their dependents, productivity levels can stay up. Healthier employees may also be happier in the long run because they won’t come to work ill.

There are several services that don’t get covered under Canada’s public health care. These services, many of which are essential, can instead be offered for low or no co-pays under your small business group health insurance plan. A few of these include:

Dental Care
Dental insurance for small business may be a part of your small business health insurance plan. Dental care can cover cleanings, X-rays, fillings, and some restorative dental practices. However, cosmetic treatments such as dental implants, porcelain veneers, or even chemical whitening may not be covered fully or at all under these plans.

Vision Coverage
Vision coverage can include eye exams, prescription lenses, and surgical procedures for various eye conditions. This service sometimes gets combined with dental coverage in many small business group health insurance plans.

Mental Health Care
Mental health spending is not always covered by a group insurance plan. However, some individuals choose to use money from their health spending accounts to cover the cost of mental health care. This can include anything from counseling to medications and even outpatient care.

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