Understanding the Four Most Common Types of Gearboxes

Industrial gear drives repair and renewal

Industrial gearboxes are used in many different industries. Each industry has their own type of gearbox, which contains differing components that are important for manipulation and the completion of projects. These are some of the most common types of gearboxes, as well as the repairs that you can expect for each one.

Worm gearboxes

A worm gearbox gets its name from the individual components of the box. It contains the worm gear, which is made up of a worm screw and worm wheel. These individual parts work together to meet the functioning needs of the worm gearbox. The exact use really depends on which industry is currently using the worm gearbox. Worm gears are generally used to transmit power at 90 degrees and where high reductions of power are required. The axes of the worm gears shaft cross in the spaces. Worm gear boxes are often used with higher grade of materials, such as steel. If you are looking for industrial gearbox repair near me, you will specifically need to find a gearbox rebuild shop that offers worm gearbox services.

Planetary gearboxes

The planetary gearbox is usually used in the printing industry, especially when it comes to 3D printing processes. Its individual parts are similar to the worm gearboxes but tend to have greater endurance, making it perfect for long printing applications. The planetary gearbox is less likely to need repairs or rebuilds, but if a repair is needed, you can simply do a search for industrial gearbox repair near me. Then, call around to the local gearbox repair shops and inquire about planetary gearbox repairs.

Helical gearboxes

The helical gearbox is well known for its extreme strength. Because it is often used in the transportation of heavy loads, it requires a material that is very durable and strong. Despite its strength, it is also very durable. You will find that the helical gearbox requires the fewest amounts of repairs and it is also unlikely that it will require a gearbox rebuild guide. However, you should still be aware of possible problems. Four of the more common warning signs of gearbox problems are excessive noise, vibration, fluid leaks, and oil contamination. These warning signs may be a result of leaky seals, bearing failure, or electrical fluting. If you do notice any of these problems, make sure you look for industrial gearbox repair near me.

Coaxial gearboxes

The coaxial gearboxes are very efficient and are often used in construction and mining industries. Workers that need a durable and strong product know that they can rely on coaxial gearboxes. However, because they are used in extreme environments, they do sometimes require repairs. With analytical assessment capability services, however, you can usually identify when repairs are needed, before they affect the project or the safety of the industry employees. The construction industry is one of the biggest users of gearboxes and is more likely to use gearbox rebuild kits or to need industrial gearbox repair near me services.

In 2012, the construction machinery, farm machinery and equipment, and mining and oil and gas field machinery industries led the machinery manufacturing with $43.9 billion in shipments (with 11% of all machinery shipments), $38.3 billion (or 9%), and $32.7 billion in shipments (8%), respectively.

Gearboxes are a common tool used across many different industries. There are many different types of gearboxes, each with their own set of advantages and disadvantages. Additionally, gearboxes often need repairs. You can either take your gearbox to a repair center or you can order a self repair kit and complete the repairs yourself.

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