Tips For Writing Effective Marketing Messages On Your Custom Signs

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When designing custom signs for your business, you have a unique opportunity to deliver a snappy, yet effective, message for potential clients. The challenge is the space limit. While your website and other platforms offer the space to deliver a more complete message, signs are tight for space. But this can be an opportunity rather than a challenge. This guide will give you some tips to take your pen to paper and create the more effective message on your commercial signs.

Keep it on brand.

No matter the message you have in mind, it’s important that it fits with your brand. So, get creative but keep your company’s central purpose and message in mind. This is especially important for seasonal signs or information about events.

Find purposeful words.

While straying away from cliches, use punchy words on your sign that will grab anyone’s attention. This might take some workshopping, so design multiple versions of the sign with various phrasing. Select the one that packs the most power.

Remember the power of images.

While much of your focus might be on words, remember how significant images are as well. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so use these images well. A powerful photo or striking graphic can be more effective than even the most clever phrasing.

Keep it simple.

When it doubt, keep it bare bones. Minimalist posters can be eye-catching and effective as well. Simple design has been a trend lately for outdoor signs, so work with your sign company to create something interesting. Doing so will allow your customers to engage while still asking questions.

Place the sign strategically.

Once you have the perfect design, it’s time to place your custom signs in the best possible places. Of course, keep your target demographic in mind while doing so. Where do they go? Where will they be looking? This can guide your placement decisions.

Studies have found that signage can generate 75% of a customer base and referrals. This stresses the importance of using every inch of a sign strategically. Doing so can help you build your base and grow your business.

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