Three Tips on Hiring the Best Sales Rep

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Not too many people realize that a career in sales is not for everyone. There are about 22 million sales reps in the U.S., and not every one of them is right for a sales position. In fact, studies show that a large percentage of sales reps are not even trainable, contributing to the job’s high turnover rate.

So to protect your sales company from employing the wrong people, here are some of the tips on how to hire a sales rep.

  • Recruitment Agency. Hiring someone is a lengthy process that involves weeding through potentially hundreds of applications, and conducting multiple interviews. This takes up valuable time that you cannot afford to lose, making it worth your while to invest in the help of industrial sales headhunters, executive search firms, or recruitment agencies. These professionals can evaluate each applicant, and only choose the ones that are highly qualified for the position. They can even do preliminary interviews to help narrow down the list of candidates even further.
  • Self-Confidence. Any good sales rep knows that the key to successful sales is a strong sense of self. This character trait and sales often go hand in hand, and if you suspect that an interviewee is lacking self-confidence, it should be a red flag. In some instances, you can help someone build confidence through training and extensive insight into your product, but you don’t want to spend too much time on this.
  • Experience. There are some people who are born with a charismatic personality and a convincing voice, which make them great sales reps, but in most cases, experience will be the best indicator for success. Seasoned sales reps can handle the ups and downs of the job, and take rejections in stride, without letting it affect their self-esteem. A novice may be easily discouraged and lose his or her self-confidence after one “no” from a customer.

With the help of industrial sales headhunters and recruitment agencies, you will be able to find the right sales rep for the job. Once you have narrowed these choices down, look for a highly qualified, confident applicant to get the biggest bang for your buck. For more information see this:

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