Three Reasons Small Business Owners Use Sales Recruitment Specialists

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A sales team is an integral part of most businesses, but it’s also one of the weakest. Turnover for sales teams is notoriously high — at 40%, which can be bad for you, your business, and your clients. A sales hiring mistake can cost you up to six to 10 times what a sales person’s base salary is. Building a great and consistent sales team starts with the hiring process. If the hiring process proves to be difficult for you, here are three times business owners commonly reach out to sales recruitment specialists for help.

1. When their sales team is a mess.
Many small business owners reach out to recruiters if their sales team is a mess. It’s not unusual for sales people to have a bad month or for their to be a couple of weak team members, but when the entire team is a problem, then it really becomes an issue. Hiring sales people is tough because you have to be able to recognize specific personality qualities and experience (like being persistent but outgoing and tech savvy). Recruiters know what makes a good sales person and how to tell if a candidate has what it takes.

2. When they don’t have the time for hiring.
Another time small business owners reach out to sales recruiters is when they don’t have time to do the hiring. Many small business owners have many roles in running and managing their business, so to take time out to place ads, make calls, sit through rounds of interviews, and follow up. Bringing in recruiters saves time and often build a better team.

3. When sales is not their expertise.
Again, it takes a certain kind of person with a certain set of skills to be a successful sales person which can be hard to understand and identify, especially for people who don’t work in sales. A lot of small business owners aren’t actually experts on sales themselves, which makes the hiring process more difficult. Hiring mistakes can be costly, so it’s important to hire the right people to being with.

Have you ever used sales recruitment specialists to build your sales team? Feel free to share why you did and your experience with us in the comments section below.

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