Three Benefits of Using a Sales Recruiting Company

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Are you familiar with the work that sales recruitment companies provide to the business world? Sales recruitment companies are like the love doctors of the business world; connecting talented and successful sales people with the sales career opportunities that is right for them. Businesses who have open sales positions benefit from sales recruitment companies by having only the creme of the crop in the sales pool to choose from, giving them the opportunity to amp of their sales team.

If the work that sales recruitment companies does is a relatively new concept for you, we’ve put together a few key benefits that come with using a sales recruiter:

Three Benefits of Using a Sales Recruiting Company

  1. Experts in the sales professional market.

    Your internal hiring team might know a great deal about your industry and how to look for people who are good fit for it. But sales recruiting companies focus only on one thing, and they do it well: knowing everything there is to know about sales professionals. When a business needs a very good sales professional right away, using a sales recruiting company will get you a direct line to the best talent available. Not only does the sales recruiter have connections with professionals throughout the industry, they’re specialist in understanding the right sales skill set to meet your needs, and what appropriate salary rates you should offer, as well as the expectations that you should have for your sales professional. Your sales recruiter may not know everything that you know about your industry, but they know everything there is to know about the sales industry, and will add considerable value in your search for a sales professional.
  2. Broader search pool.

    When you are looking for the perfect candidate for your open sales positions, your HR team might follow the regular channels that they use for all open positions. Perhaps they’ll post it on your website. Maybe they’ll use career websites to market the position. These avenues are effective for reaching sales professionals who are specifically looking for a new job. However, many of the best sales professionals aren’t searching for a new job because they’re already succeeding at the job they have now. Even if they are keeping an eye on the sales career market, they’re likely very choosy about where they’ll apply for a new position.

    On the other hand, your sales recruiter has connections with sales professionals who don’t know they’re the perfect fit for your job. Once your sales recruiter spends some time with you to get a good understanding of your requirements, they’ll reach out to their contacts and find you a pool of sales professionals who are perfectly hand picked to align with your job requirements. When you use a sale recruitment company, you are not stuck choosing the candidate who meets your needs the closest; you get a panel of candidates who are hand chosen because their qualifications make them perfect for your open position.

  3. Less risk involved in the recruitment process.

    When you have an open position to fill, you know how much time and effort goes into getting as much of an idea of how well a candidate will fit in a position through a few short meetings and background investigation. It’s a labor intensive process to filter all of the candidates, assess (to the best of your ability) who fits the roll the best, and match the criteria you’re looking for on paper with a real human who is only presenting themselves in the best light.

    Anyone who works in Human Resources has at least one bad applicant experience, because the hiring process is convoluted and pinning down the “perfect candidate” isn’t always easy to do. On the other hand, when you use a professional recruiter, you only see the candidates who were pre-selected by a professional who specializes in sales careers, because they align with your needs best, so that you’re only job is to decide which of the (good) options you have jives best with your work environment. This reduces the risk that you’ll end up with the wrong hire, and saves you a great deal of time and energy.

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