Category: How to hire sales people

  • Three Benefits of Using a Sales Recruiting Company

    Are you familiar with the work that sales recruitment companies provide to the business world? Sales recruitment companies are like the love doctors of the business world; connecting talented and successful sales people with the sales career opportunities that is right for them. Businesses who have open sales positions benefit from sales recruitment companies by […]

  • How to Focus Your Search for a Sales Job

    Searching for sales career opportunities can be exhausting, especially if you go it alone instead of applying to sales recruitment firms. You’ll have to scroll through endless job postings on different websites and go through dozens of bad apples before you find a sales job that fits you, and even then, you might not be […]

  • How to Hire the Best Sales People for the Job!

    As a sales manager, you are most likely aware that hiring sales people who are competent and loyal can be an extremely difficult undertaking. Unfortunately, some sales representatives do not have what it takes to be effective; for example, are you aware that only one fifth of sales leads are actually followed up on? This […]