The Top Three Reasons Why Businesses Use LED Signs

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Signs make a bigger differences for businesses than many people would ever imagine. After all, we see signs every day. Signs sit before many different businesses; you could see them in a seemingly-deserted highway nearly as often as you might see them in a crowded town. In fact, they’re not only used for businesses, but for organizations like churches and schools as well. But perhaps businesses have the most to gain through a sign. Research has revealed that by adding or changing a sign, a business can improve sales revenue. Replacing a store front wall sign with a large sign has been shown to increase revenue by 7.7%. But not all signs were created equal — some are certainly more effective than others. It’s one thing to have a plain sign with normal lettering. While that sign might be seen and effective during the day, it might as well disappear by night. LED businesses signs and marquee signs might be a better option for those who want to catch the attention of drivers by day and by night. Let’s look into some of the reasons why marquee signs for businesses are often preferred by business owners and non-profit organizations alike.

1. Effectiveness

The proof is in the results — marquee signs for businesses are simply more effective than many other types of signs. Some hesitate to invest in certain means of advertisement for their businesses because they fear that they won’t be effective, and therefore a waste of money. In fact, by investing in a sign like these, you can actually save money in that you won’t have to invest in other means advertisement — at least, not as much as you would have to otherwise. It’s reported that the value of an on-site sign is the same as the value of 24 newspaper ads. That isn’t even taking into account the type of sign. Marquee signs for business are eye-catching, often moving and creating messages seemingly in “real time”. At the very least, they’re bright, and can be colorful, with full color LED signs growing in popularity. An estimated 35% of people would have found a business if it hadn’t been for the business’s sign. And this marketing method doesn’t just make a difference for small businesses. Best Buy, a major business, has reported that 17% of its walk-in customers come in due to their sign.

2. Variety

Marquee signs for businesses don’t all look the same — and scrolling marquee signs, as previously mentioned, aren’t simply meant for businesses. They’re often used by churches and schools to communicate information about upcoming events and news. They can even act as signs for government. Another great advantage of these signs is that they can be modified to be brighter or more colorful. They can be still, or in motion. Changing a sign’s message also doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to take the entire original sign down. The type of message your business sends can also change the way your business is perceived. It can be either businesslike and professional, or exciting and bright. You don’t have to choose or one or the other.

3. Recyclability

Many people don’t take the “green factor” behind their sign choices into account. The fact is that to many customers — and business owners — this does matter. If your sign is recyclable, you can say so to potential customers and clients; it will make your business look better. These signs are often printed upon substrates. These are polyethylene sheets, which are in fact recyclable. In fact, from 2009 to 2010 the about of recyclable substrates almost quadrupled, from one million to 3.7 million. Even if going green doesn’t make a big difference to you, it does have a positive effect on the environment, and many will appreciate your efforts.

Hopefully, these reasons show you why marquee signs for businesses are not only effective, but potentially beneficial to your business on a large scale.

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