The Right Marquee Sign Helps Both Businesses and Schools Make Important Announcements

If digital signs for schools were flashing the most important news at this time of the year, there would be nothing but numbers. If there is one thing that is on the mind of seniors who are entering the last weeks of school it is a number. Specifically, information about the number of days that are left in the school year.
Instead of telling the neighborhood about what time the last choir concert of the year is or what day the campus clean up project is, the digital signs for schools would have an even greater following if they flashed the number of days before graduation as soon as the calendar turns to the middle of April!

Digital LED Business Signs and Signs for Other Businesses Help with Communication

Investing in electronic signs for businesses, schools, and other organizations is an important step in helping make sure that a community is well informed. And while some signs are occasionally used for humor, for the most part the addition of a digital sign is for informational purposes. These signs can help share important information and unite a community.

Marquee signs for businesses and for schools can help announce upcoming events and any changes that may be made. From hours for a new business to times for parent teacher conferences, it is important to have a sign to help make announcements. Although there are emails and flyers that can also be used to help communicate events, the use of a marquee sign is a constant reminder to anyone who drives by.

In addition to providing information, a marquee sign also serves as a way to help build a community. When, for instance, a school wants to invite people outside of the school to come visit the open house for an after prom event, a digital sign can help spread the message. Scrolling marquee signs, for instance, are a way to make sure that everyone who sits at a red stoplight on the corner where the school sign announces the hours of the open house.
It probably comes as no surprise that 37% of people report that they look at an outdoor ad each or most of the times they pass one. A flashing marquee sign can serve this purpose. The fact that 85% of a business’s customers live or work within a five-mile radius of its location is an indicator of how persuasive and influential an outdoor sign can be.

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