The Advantages of Hiring a Janitorial Service

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Every single year business owners across the nation do their best to try and keep it with trends that take place within American culture. This is because these business owners think that this is a good way to sustain success, by keeping up with the American people. However, most business owners are completely unaware that there are much easier ways for a business to find and sustain success without having to understand American culture as a whole.

The World Health Organization has released information revealing that there are over 3 million deaths that happen each year because of indoor air pollution across the globe. These deaths are caused by preventable respiratory and cardiovascular disease and just about 6% of all cases were reported to be from Lung Cancer. Most people will ask why this matters for their business, but the answer lies in the discussion of the advantages of hiring a janitorial service.

Most people do not realize that while there are plenty of advantages of hiring a janitorial service, there are just as many disadvantages that can come along with this. For instance, some cleaning services may use cleaning chemicals that can contribute to indoor pollution which is not good. Here is what to look for when trying to understand that disadvantages and advantages of hiring a janitorial service.

The business Staples conducted a workplace survey which revealed that over 50% of all people involved in the survey noted that their coworkers will leave their dirty dishes in the kitchen. While this may not seem like a pressing issue, it is pretty gross when you really think about it. Plus, dirty distractions like this can hurt the workplace. Understand that 72% of all people will refuse to workout in gyms that smell bad, people like for things to be clean.

When weighing the disadvantages and advantages of hiring a janitorial service, people should make sure the cleaning services they work with use green cleaning services. Just about one-third of all workers think that the dirtiest items in the office are the keyboard and the phone but less than 10% ever clean these items. These items are taken care of by cleaning services and that is one of the advantages of hiring a janitorial service.

A desk that is dirty can end up containing almost 400 times more bacteria than the usual toilet seat. Yes, think about that for a moment. Most people believe there is nothing dirtier than a toilet seat and yet dirty desks contain a ridiculous amount of disgusting and dangerous bacteria. One of the advantages of hiring a janitorial service is that you will know these desks will be cleaned daily.

Just about 100% of all workers across the nation are concerned or worried that may possibly get sick while at work, because of the fact that their workplace is dirty. So another one of the advantages of hiring a janitorial service is that your employees will know they are okay. Chemical cleaning products have caused indoor air pollution levels to be as much as 100 times higher than outdoor pollution levels per estimates from the United States Environmental Protection Agency.

In Conclusion

Every year many businesses are beneficiaries of the advantages of hiring a janitorial service, and yet they end up doing more harm than good. This is because businesses end up having to deal with the dangerous cleaning chemicals used by these cleaning services that operate throughout the nation. It is important for business owners to hire the right people so that way they can feel the advantages of hiring a janitorial service, and none of the possible disadvantages as well.

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