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  • The Advantages of Hiring a Janitorial Service

    Every single year business owners across the nation do their best to try and keep it with trends that take place within American culture. This is because these business owners think that this is a good way to sustain success, by keeping up with the American people. However, most business owners are completely unaware that […]

  • Did You Know The Average Desk Has 10 Million Bacteria? How To Keep Your Office Space Clean

    The benefits of hiring a cleaning company cannot possibly be understated. Due to regular exposure to harmful substances in the air and in mundane residences alike, janitorial services are a necessary buffer between the everyday person and illness. Cleaning companies are trained professionals that tackle a wide variety of everyday issues, from disinfecting to disposal […]

  • Is Your Office Filthy? Read This

    People are filthy. We don’t mean that in a castigating way–it’s just a fact. Our saliva has hundreds of different bacteria, we sweat a lot, we go to work sick because we can’t afford the time off, we have decided it’s a better system overall to do our business indoors, and now half of us […]