Shipping to South America Save Money and Cut Transit Times

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Shipping goods internationally can be a fantastic way to keep in touch with loved ones, send friends care packages, thank coworkers, or for some, might just be part of their daily business operations. In fact, international shipping is done daily by many small and major companies. Many people do not consider exactly how their goods are transported when they ship to another country, and most do not know that there are dedicated cargo airlines, solely responsible for moving cargo nationally and internationally. In fact, many people still think everything is transported by boat. While ocean cargo is still a popular method of transporting goods, it is certainly not the fastest.

While there are many different methods for shipping to South America and other international sites (such as sea freight shipping and American cargo shipping), there are pros and cons to each shipping method, which should be weighed before determining which method is best for you. If you have a package you will be shipping to South America, here is a quick breakdown of the best methods for sending different items, depending on what you are shipping or the services most important to you:

The Cheapest Method of Transportation
While surprising to many, generally the most affordable method for shipping to South America is by air freight. Air freight boasts better security systems and can also deliver your product faster, making it a win/win for most shippers. When it comes to air and ocean logistics, many believe ocean would be cheaper, but air actually wins this battle. In fact, insurance rates are typically much lower for items travelling by air, as opposed to sea, because they deliver faster and have less chance of being damaged.

Shipping Perishable Goods
Are you unsure whether your package would be better as air or ocean cargo? If your box contains perishables, you should opt for air shipping, because it will transport your items faster, leaving less room for damages. Some freight forwarders will even provide transport direct door to door, if asked. The quicker perishable items arrive, the better off they will be.

Environmentally Friendly Shipping Options
Finding the most direct method in which to ship your goods is always the most environmentally friendly method. While some might assume this refers to shipping freight via air transportation only, this isn’t entirely true. If a boat of cargo is already departing, adding a package or skid of packages to it will not make much of a dent in the cost of shipping, and will allow the boat to ship the maximum amount of product (getting the best use out of its space).

If you are in need of shipping to South America and have further questions about the best shipping methods out there, you might want to speak to a certified freight forwarder to get more specific answers. Freight forwarders can provide you with better insight into your particular shipping situation, product types, as well as costs of shipping methods (especially if shipping bulk quantities). Otherwise, this guide can serve as a general way to decide between air and ocean cargo, as needed.

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