Sales Career Advice Tips for Your First Sales Job

How to hire sales people

Not everyone has what it takes to be a salesperson. For those working on commission, it’s a high-stakes career path. A potentially lucrative career path, but a stressful one. And the numbers don’t lie: some people just aren’t cut out for a career in sales. According to one sales recruitment firm’s research, of all the 22 million sales professionals in North America, 40% will miss quota, 22% are untrainable, and only an elite top 10% will actually provide their company with a return on investment.

That’s why so many young professionals and college graduates are seeking sales career advice to get ahead of their competition. There’s no shortage of sales blogs and self-described sales jobs gurus offering advice, but often times the best sales career advice comes from the experts working at sales staffing agencies, because these sales recruitment specialists know exactly what managers and sales team leaders need.

The Most Important Sales Career Advice for Landing Your First Sales Job Is…

Google “sales career advice” for first time jobs and you’ll find plenty of tips on building up your skills and landing those crucial first clients. But the key to performing well at your first sales job actually begins before you even interview for the position. Finding the right sales job for you is where the real work starts. If you’re graduating from college, you will be inundated with companies with listings for “Sales People for Hire!”

Many an eager young college graduate has landed their first sales job with a reputable-seeming, national firm. They’re pitched about the internal promotion opportunities and team spirit. Then, on their first day, they find out they’ll be going door-to-door selling vinyl siding, or worse, cold-calling people all day on the phone.

Doing your due diligence can keep you from wasting your time on dead-end sales jobs. You can cut through the BS even faster by finding a sales staffing agency or headhunters to work with. Recruitment agencies often have a direct line to sales team leaders, and can help get your resume where you want it to go.

And while not everyone has the luxury of waiting for their dream job, that doesn’t mean you should take the first job you’re offered. Do your research on any company that offers you a job interview to ensure you’re starting a sales career that’s a right set for your skills AND ambitions. And that’s the number one sales career advice we have for landing your first real sales job.

Good luck!

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