Safe and Secure Document Shredding Is a Must for Most Companies and Agencies

Confidential shredding

You cannot shred emails.
In one of the most unusual Presidential campaigns in America, the fear that you can never completely shred, erase, delete, or destroy emails is worrisome. In a time when the entire nation wakes up every morning wondering, “What next,” the fear of some 30,000 deleted emails reappearing seems a possibility. And while the Democrats may fear the discovery of the personal emails that Hillary Clinton destroy and what that could involve, the Republicans are no less worried. In fear that Trump’s challenge for Russia’s espionage might be acted upon, Republicans across the country could also be victims of the fact that you cannot shred emails.
Document Shredding Provides Privacy and Security
The fact that you cannot shred emails but that you can shred paper documents should be a relief to government agencies, hospitals, school districts, and businesses across the country. If, however, the best paper shredding solutions are not used, those agencies and companies can find themselves in the same category as the top politicians in the country: fearing that information will get into the wrong hands.
Fortunately, convenient paper shredding options are available to help businesses of all kinds guard the privacy and security of their customers and clients. Shredding documents has become an essential function of many businesses and service providers. Places as diverse as insurance companies, school districts, financial institutes, and health agencies must have convenient paper shredding options and strategies to guarantee privacy for their customers and clients.
For these reasons many large companies contract with destruction services to make sure they can show their customers that they prioritize secure document destruction. And while some companies send their documents that need to be shredded off site, a growing number of companies contract with a service for onsite convenient paper shredding options.
Health records, confidential school counselor files, financial records, and confidential business documents are just a few examples of why companies need to employ and use convenient paper shredding options. The disclosure of private health records could damage a person’s opportunity to get a job. The dispersement of private files about a school age or university student could taint that person’s record. The theft of financial records could lead to identity theft. The unintended distribution of private business documents could cause the devaluation of a company. For all of these reasons, companies today now understand the reason for document destruction and shredding.
America’s Consumption of Paper Is Astounding
Statistically, the use of paper in this country is impressive. Consider some of the following facts about the nation’s paper consumption:

  • Americans use 4 million tons of copy paper every single year.
  • The average American office worker uses 10,000 sheets of copy paper every single year.
  • The average American office worker uses a sheet of paper every 12 minutes.

Even with all of the paperless plans that many businesses and agencies employ, Americans use of paper products is still significant. The fact that so many paper documents are used leads to the need for two things: conservation and security. Fortunately, the combination of these two needs can be met at the same time. In fact, recycling waste paper company services are often contracted hand in hand with shredding services. When shredded paper is then recycled it serves two purposes: the destruction of private documents and the facilitation of reusing paper in future products.
Protecting Privacy Is the Main Function of Paper Shredding Services
While the opportunity to recycle shredded paper documents is encouraging, the main purpose of the paper shredding industry is protecting privacy. In today’s world identity theft is a real fear for many people. The chance that a misplaced piece of paper could provide someone important financial information is a reality. In fact, as many as 10% of people will become victims of identity fraud. And even in this time of high tech security breaches, 43% of identity fraud is still caused by dumpster diving, the theft of pieces of paper that contain personal and private information.
While the nation’s politicians fear for the security of emails and other pieces of digital data, consumers still need to be concerned about the security of their printed information on pieces of paper in offices and agencies around the country.

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