Need Talent? Why You Should Be Looking at a Talent Acquisition Management Company

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Are you looking for exceptional talent in your firm? Are you trying to actively recruit and finding it difficult to retain employees? Whether or not you’re just starting your business or already well established, you want competitive employees who are assets to your business. One of the best ways to find new team players with minimal stress is hiring a talent acquisition management company or human resources consulting firms. For upper level management, many hiring firms offer executive search consultants. Using these resources to find employees from all levels — from assistants to executives — can make the hiring process significantly less time-consuming, exhausting, and expensive.
What Does a Talent Acquisition Management Company Do?
This kind of company — whether it’s for specific talent or for a more general human resource staffing agency — can help employers find a more selective pool of applicants for job openings. The agency typically does more of the legwork in hiring for the company. They scout for potential applicants, go through the the applications, conduct interviews, and set them up with the company. In some cases, they may even hire and pay the employee to start (think temp to permanent positions).
What Are The Benefits of Using a Talent Acquisition Management Company?
Vistage conducted an interview of small and midsize businesses and around 35% of CEOs reported that staffing is one of the most prevalent issues they deal with, coming up twice as often as other issues. And with almost 60% of businesses saying that keeping employees is one of their biggest challenges, clearly hiring is a huge part of company life. However, hiring new employees can be time-consuming and at times, difficult for smaller companies. If your HR department is overworked or understaffed, going through an outside agency can be the best option. A third party agency will save you a bundle in time — they put out the hiring notices and then sort through all the candidates to present the best ones to you. In some cases, they may even hire on your behalf and get the candidate situated. If you’re doing a temporary to permanent position situation, the hiring agency may even pay the employee until they’re fully brought on to the company — meaning you don’t have to worry about salary or benefits until they’re full-time. You may also get a more selective pool of candidates to choose from. These agencies will bring you the cream of the crop, which keeps everyone from wasting their time on under (or over) qualified candidates or ones with a skill set simply not suited to the job.
How Can My Business Look More Attractive to Potential Employees?
A great salary, good benefits, and a fun work culture: these are all things to consider. However, a good retention rate also looks wonderful to employees looking closely. Over 85% of employees that have an employee recognition program said that they’re much happier at work, which leads to better job satisfaction. For new hires, instituting an on-boarding program can make them almost 60% more likely to stay with the company over three years.

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