Looking At How You Can Cut Your Heating And Cooling Costs In Half Here In The United States

If you’re fed up with your heating and cooling costs here in the United States, you are certainly not alone, as this is struggle shared by people all throughout the country. For as expensive as heating and cooling services can be, often making up a solid half of any given energy bill at any given time of the year, such systems are incredibly necessary in so many parts of this country. Fortunately, however, there are steps that just about every single home owner will be able to reasonably take to reduce their energy bill – sometimes by quite a drastic amount.

We’ll start with the small changes, such as installing a programmable thermostat. A programmable thermostat will be relatively inexpensive, but can actually drop your heating costs by as much as a full 10%. After all, data has found that, for every two degrees the temperature of a home is lowered, the costs of heating that home will also be reduced, typically by a full 5%. Just turning your thermostat down by a mere seven degrees can save you as much as 10%, if not more, over the course of a year.

Of course, just providing proper maintenance and servicing for your heating and cooling systems is also a must. Not only will such regular maintenance help to prevent any damages from occurring to these systems, but regular servicing will also keep them running as efficiently as can be expected and as is possible. Ideally, you’ll want to provide servicing at the hands of an HVAC professional at least twice throughout the year if at all possible.

There are also bigger steps that you can take to improve your home’s overall energy efficiency as well. Installing spray foam insulation is one such step, and it is one that is likely to have a considerably payoff. After all, recently gathered data even shows that the application of spray foam insulation will cut both heating and cooling costs dramatically – sometimes by even as much has a full 60%.

Installing spray foam insulation and making other big changes should always be performed by a professional, however, with experience in the use of things like the typical spray foam kit and EIFS mechanical fasteners. After all, the average home owner is not likely to even know what EIFS mechanical fasteners really even are, let alone how these EIFS mechanical fasteners should be put into use. At the end of the day, however, the use of EIFS mechanical fasteners can be really quite important indeed, especially when spray foam kits have also been utilized.

After all, the use of EIFS mechanical fasteners to create an Exterior Insulated Finish System is likely to be hugely beneficial for even greater energy savings. This is due to the fact that an EIFS system is known to reduce air infiltration by often as much has 55% – which is certainly hugely considerable by just about any standards. Hiring a professional who knows how to install and correctly utilize the necessary EIFS mechanical fasteners will be key to getting such a system up and running as it should be and likely to last a considerable amount of time as well.

Of course, professionals will be able to use more common tools more efficiently and safely as well. Tools like tape guns and power tool accessories might be somewhat known to the typical home owner, but this still does not mean that the typical home owner will be able to safely use these tools. Having a professional on hand and performing these jobs will not only help to ensure the high quality of the final product, but the safety of everyone involved in the project as well.

We all know that the costs surrounding heating and cooling can be quite high indeed. Fortunately, however, there are a number of ways that these costs can be quite dramatically lowered in both small ways as well as in much more extensive ways. It’s important to remember, though, that even small scale changes can ultimately still make a considerable difference.

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