Is Your Workplace Safe?


When someone decides to become a construction worker, they have a lot to learn about the skills necessary to build things and operate machinery. One of the most essential parts of the education and training process, however, is learning about safety. Construction safety training is so important because while there are several types of equipment, including things like a lifting gear, designed to make safety easier, it still requires constant vigilance on the part of the worker. To learn more about why safety is so important in the construction industry, keep reading.

1) It’s Required Knowing the basics of safety, what a lifting gear does, and why fall arrest training is so important is not just good practice, it’s required. The Operational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) was first passed in 1970 to help make workplaces more safe. OSHA does inspections of a variety of industries, but pays a special attention to the construction industry with equipment and job safety inspections each year. They look for employees being properly trained and having all the equipment they could need, from lifting products to rigging equipment, at hand and in good condition.
2) Don’t Be Afraid of Heights Rigging supplies are absolutely essential to working safely on projects that require tall heights. If a worker is more than 6 feet above the ground, they are at serious risk for injury (or worse), and need to have the right kind of training and equipment to keep them safe. There are whole industries built around perfecting the lifting gear and wire rope slings and good, quality equipment is incredibly effective.
3) Be a Good Team Member Knowing about workplace safety is not just important for the safety of the individual, but also to keep the whole team safe. Everyone has the occasional accident or bad days, but if all employees know about safety and how to look out for their team members, everyone has better outcomes.

4) Create a Culture of Safety Just like it is important for construction workers to know about safety to keep their fellow workers safe, it is also a key to success because it helps create a culture of safety. When workplace safety is prioritized, so is the safety of what is being built, of the the additional contractors brought on, and the future users of the site.
5) Stay Up to Date Finally, with how quickly our world is advancing due to technological updates, it is absolutely a must for construction workers to view their knowledge of safety as an ongoing process. At least annually, workers should have a refresher on the basics, as well as changes that are happening within the field. New technology only matters if people know how to use it.

Clearly, the potential for danger is high at places like construction sites. Making sure that every single team member is knowledgeable about safety, and equipment is kept in good condition, is a requirement, not just for good companies, but according to the wall.

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