Is Your Office Filthy? Read This

Commercial office cleaning service

People are filthy. We don’t mean that in a castigating way–it’s just a fact. Our saliva has hundreds of different bacteria, we sweat a lot, we go to work sick because we can’t afford the time off, we have decided it’s a better system overall to do our business indoors, and now half of us even exercise inside!

It is imperitive to keep a clean workspace if you are a business owner, since we are perhaps more conscious now than ever before of just how dirty we are–almost 100% of employees, for example, are worried about catching something while on the job, and most consumers won’t go near a business (especially a health club) if they believe it to be even moderately unsanitary. This all being said, we understand that your business keeps you busy, and neither you nor your employees have the time to properly swab the decks every night. This is why looking into good commercial office cleaning services might be a smart move. Commercial office cleaning services can be hired on a daily or a weekly basis for general maintenence, specialized cleanings, or deep sanitation. Below are some tips on how to navigate the search for commercial office cleaning services and what to ask your short list of possible companies:

1. What are their hours? Some places are a nine to five outfit while others specialize in overnight cleanings. The convenience of either option depends on when your business is open and the security required to enter the premises–you probably don’t want an overnight crew at a bank with twelve security systems, for example, and a nine to five crew will be inconvenient at a busy doctor’s office.

2. What is their specialty? Some companies specialize in restaurant cleanings, while others mostly deal in school cleaning or general janitorial services. If you can, get a company with explicit experience working with your type of business, particularly if you’re a health club. Not properly wiping down the machines can be put your patrons at higher risks of MRSA and staph infections, a fear that’s not quite as prevalent in other commercial arenas.

3. What are their methods? By this we mean, ask what kinds of cleaning products do they use, and how do they dispose of them. There are over 15,000 different cleaning solutions available on the market and less than a third have been formally tested for their effect on humans. When we consider the recent increase in indoor pollution thanks to the prevalent use of these products, it’s clear that “green clean” is the way to go.

We are confident that these three categories of inquiry will act as a great litmus test for your potential commercial cleaning service. Make sure to check back here and tell us who you went with, or leave them an honest review on Yelp!

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