How Parking Lot Cleaning Services Can Reduce Urban Pollution

Maryland street sweeping

You wouldn’t let dirt and grime build up in your store or restaurant, yet many business owners ignore the grubby state of their parking lot, which is one of the first things that customers actually see. In fact, many consumers think that the cleanliness of exterior spaces is as important as that of the interior. If you keep your parking areas and sidewalks in a good state, it will create a better impression for your customers. Parking lot cleaning services can help you ensure that your store or restaurant exteriors are in tip-top condition.

In fact, parking lot cleaning services such as street sweeper rental and other services can also help to cut down on pollution in urban areas. Such machines collect and remove litter such as paper as well as leaves and other forms of debris that can build up in parking lots and street curb gutters over time. Debris can migrate from parking lots to street gutters and can then block stormwater drains and cause other disruptions, even causing flooding during times of heavy rain.

First developed in the 19th century, more contemporary street sweepers tend to be mounted to the actual truck bodies; they can vacuum up the dirt and grime from the street or parking lot. Most (90%) of American street sweepers are mechanical broom types. Street sweeper trucks are not just good for removing large or visible dirt and debris; it also removes microscopic particles. Between $4 billion and $20 billion in health and environmental damage costs each year are a result of parking space related pollution. When combined with water, particulates from road and parking lot spaces create run-off pollution that can threaten the safety of water. Such runoff often includes undesirable items such as toxic chemicals from cars and other vehicles, oil, grease; nutrients and pesticides from gardening; viruses and bacteria from failing septic systems; road salts; and heavy metals. In fact, runoff from such areas is the leading source of water quality impairments to rivers and estuaries, according recent National Water Quality Inventory reports.

Renting a street sweeper or using parking cleaning services can make a significant difference in cutting down on urban pollution and even removes several tons of debris from streets and lots every year, thereby minimizing stormwater runoff pollutants. This is a great source for more.

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