How Marquee Signs Can Benefit Schools and Other Businesses

What are some ways that you find out about your favorite businesses and services? Perhaps it was word-of-mouth or picking up a newspaper and seeing an ad inside it for that new bike shop or a restaurant that you have been wanting to try. In other circumstances, you might find out about a business on electronic signs that are found posted throughout an entire town or city. There is signage for many aspects of our lives, from signs for churches to municipal signs telling us where to go and school marquee signs that can show us the schools in that particular area.

How Signs Are Helping Us Discover Many New Places

The last time you saw LED signs such as school marquee signs or signs for government, you might have been instantly interested in the service that was being offered to you, because signs are bright and colorful and encourage us to dig deeper into services that could benefit us.

Did you know that, according to statistics, 35% of people would not have discovered a business if it had not been for their signage? Studies have actually shown us over time that business signage is actually one of the best marketing techniques that we have. According to recent research, adding or changing a sign for a business, such as a school marquee in front of an elementary school you might not have known about in your area, can increase the traffic that comes to learn more about that business. This can help sales revenue for businesses by about 7.7%, which can make all the difference for a new business or maybe one that has been struggling.

On-site signs actually point to better results than we can receive from being published in papers. According to research, an on-site sign is the same as having 24 full-page spreads in a newspaper in a year’s time. This is because of the many individuals that you can reach with your on-site signage. 71% of people look at signage on the side of the road, which displays a ride variety of businesses each year.

If you are ever unsure if your business will do well if you invest in signage, it is imperative that you consider these facts and statistics and remember that these are some of the most beneficial ways to have your business be seen.

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