How Many Trade Shows Does Your Company Attend in a Year?

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Trade show booth designs are an important part of the marketing campaign for many companies. And while some businesses are content to continue to use their same trade show exhibit design year after year, others invest in these traveling presentations that help them build customer numbers and client recognition. Consider some of these basic principles if you are redesigning your trade show exhibit design:
Empty space matters. Funny as it may seem, it is sometimes what is not said that matters the most. In fact, the overall rule of thumb for booth design graphics is that as much as 40% of the space should be empty. Planning to allow for almost half of the graphics space to be totally blank gives the visitors a resting space. A space to pause and possible reflect on the the written content that they have time to read.
X-tra attention to detail. If you follow the rule of leaving 40% of the graphic space empty, it is especially important to pay special attention to the details of the other space. Careful wording, exact color coordination, and well displayed company logos can create a memorable image for potential clients and future customers.
Helvitca and other sans-serif fonts are generally considered the easiest to read. A company branding design, of course, will most often have another typeface, and sometimes those typefaces are are serifed fonts that are almost script like. Using a basic font like Helvetica for the majority of the other text, however, can avoid a cluttered visual feel. Ideally, you will not use more than two or three different fonts in any one display.
Imaginative thinking can produce a unique approach. Sometimes the theme or location of a particular trade show can help create a custom exhibit design. The clever and use of a popular gaming trend like this summer’s Pokemon Go search, for example, can create an immediate attraction to trade show visitors. Although you may mot always be able to imagine a clever twist for every show, it is good to remain flexible and imaginative so you can seize a clever approach.
Bold colors can catch the attention of many visitors. Subdued pastels, on the other hand, are rarely effective. It is important to remember that most visitors at a trade show may spend as much as 9.5 hours walking among displays. Bold colors combined with a clean design can help your product and message have more impact.
Interesting freebies. Exhibit visitors love to collect stuff. Whether they are looking for a new stylus to use themselves or a clever gift to bring home to a son or daughter, the freebie is an essential part of all trade show booths.
Time to set up. No matter how well designed your booth is, if you do not allow you and your team time to set it up, you will lose possible customers. Make sure that you understand the time constraints and availability for both set up and take down.

Definitive purpose. The main purpose of a trade show is to let potential clients understand your service or your product. No visitor should leave your booth without a definitive idea of what you can do for them.
Everyone is a potential customer. No one should feel like they do not matter to your booth. Some times it is tempting to have long, drawn out conversations with your co-workers and familiar current clients. Make sure, however, that you always have someone who is greeting every guest who passes your booth.
Short range, medium range, and long range graphics should be your goal. Depending on how far away attendees are standing from your booth, you want to have graphics that will attract their attention.
Invet in the event. Knowing that you will need to invest both your personal energies as well as money to keep materials looking their best will improve every trade show experience.
Grab the visual attention. Custom exhibit design allows you to taylor your space to grab the attention of any possible clients and customers.
Never take anything for granted. Today’s custom exhibits require technology that includes USB cords, power strips, and HTML cables. Always pack more supplies than you need in case you arrive at a location and find out that something is no longer working.


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