How Digital and Scrolling Marquee SIgns Get the Message Across

Did your school team just win their away game? Do you want to make the parents of the honors list students proud? Announce bad weather closings? Moving digital signs are a great way for schools to communicate important news, announcements, events and much more. Besides digital school signs, churches, stores, and other businesses can also use electronic signs to connect with people in the community. It’s an effective and cost-efficient way of getting the message across, whatever the message might be.

Digital and led signs attract attention
As marketers keep discovering, people pay attention to signs. Whether these are traffic and road conditions signs, ads or marquee signs at the drugstore advertising special deals, they communicate important information to people driving past. Signs help businesses draw in more customers. In fact, just over a third, or 37%, of people surveyed said that the only way they found a business was because they noticed the sign outside.
That’s because the majority, or 85% of a business’s customers live within a five-mile radius, and see the signs every time they drive or walk past. A larger and more noticeable sign is even better and can improve revenues by as much as 7.7%. In fact, a business sign is a good advertising method, and more effective as well as cost-efficient when compared to full page newspaper ads.

Signs for schools and churches
For schools and churches too, digital school signs and marquee church signs are an easy and convenient way to communicate with the community. Signs can be used to announce upcoming games and events, trips, potlucks and more. Schools can share announcements about team wins and other student achievements.
Church signs have been used for announcing weekly and special services, events and for posting inspiring messages that help people get through their daily routine. Digital signs make communications much easier. One of the most convenient things about signs is that the messages can be changed easily. Digital signs like a scrolling marquee can carry multiple messages, making it easier to announce bad weather closings and other emergency conditions.

Installing digital signs for schools
When it comes to installing signs, a reputable sign company can advise you on the best locations and orientation, size and appearance. They have experience in installing signs in different locations for maximum visibility and impact.
Most sign installation companies also offer warranties and support including protection against workmanship defects and even vandalism. This means that your school or church or business’s budget will be well spent on a reliable method of community outreach.

Scrolling marquee signs, church signs and digital school signs all attract attention and get important messages across. They help you to connect with your community for many different purposes, from announcements to emergency closings.

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