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  • Electric Signs and the Addition of LED Lighting to Billboards

    In combination, both the outdoor signs and ads of a business, along with LED lighting, help to draw the attraction of new customers. With over a third of people visiting a business due to an interest in their signs, there is much to add for the current update of LED lighting making up a little […]

  • How Digital and Scrolling Marquee SIgns Get the Message Across

    Did your school team just win their away game? Do you want to make the parents of the honors list students proud? Announce bad weather closings? Moving digital signs are a great way for schools to communicate important news, announcements, events and much more. Besides digital school signs, churches, stores, and other businesses can also […]

  • Don’t Underestimate the Power of a Sign

    Don’t Underestimate the Power of a Sign

    Our modern age is no different in kind to ages past. Whenever people have traveled, they have always looked for a sign that let them know when they had arrived. Imagine traveling hundreds of miles in search of Rome in 100BCE. How would you have known that you were going in the right direction? Or, […]