How a Charitable Clothing Donation Can Help Others

Have you considered what you’ll do with your extra clothing and housewares? After a matter of time, it’s easy to accumulate clothing and other items that are no longer needed. Perhaps you’re not sure where to donate clothes or maybe you don’t see how your donations can help others. But there’s a variety of ways to make a difference through donations. Learn more about some of the ways used clothing donations can make a difference.

Charitable Clothing Donations Can Help Families in Need Directly

If you’ve ever wanted to take part in helping families in need, one of the easiest ways to do so is through clothing donations. Over 10 million tons of clothing gets sent to landfills every year; it doesn’t have to when you choose to donate to someone. Those in need can get the help they need and provide for their family until they get back on their feet again. Many charitable organizations either collect the clothes and allow families to get them for a low cost, or else they are free. If you want to make a difference, this is one of the easiest ways to do so.

Proceeds From Charitable Clothing Donations Can Help Families in Need

Some charities collect clothing in good condition and sell it to anyone who’s interested in buying. The proceeds from these items are used in an effort to donate to families in need. These can come in the form of grants, food, or even allow families to make a shopping trip and pick up clothing they need for themselves and their children. Over 40% of recycled clothing comes from donations, so it makes sense to help out those in need with the gift of used clothing.

Charitable Clothing Donations Can Provide Helpful Write-Offs

When giving clothing to those in need, it’s easy enough to write items off come tax season. For example, a men’s dress coat can get written off for $50 or more. If you’re donating a lot of items that you don’t use, but have a high value, make a point to get a receipt. These write-offs can help you save money while ensuring someone else can benefit from your unneeded clothes.

If you’ve never thought about the benefits associated with a charitable clothing donation, now is the time to think about how they can help someone else. Clothing donations are useful when it comes to families who need clothing but don’t have the means to get it. Charities can donate the clothing directly to those in need. Some use money made off the clothes they sell to give families the chance to shop and get what they need. Finally, your charitable clothing donation can provide an excellent write-off for tax purposes. Make a donation today, and see how you can help a family in need while cleaning out your closet at the same time.

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