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  • Considerations For Donating Your Used Clothing

    If you’re looking to part with some of your clothing, you are most certainly far from being alone. After all, the average person living in the United States is now likely to have more clothing than they really know what to do with. As a matter of fact, the average American woman has at least […]

  • Here are Three Reasons You Should Donate Your Used Clothing to Charity

    It happens to everyone eventually. You look around and realize your closet is full of clothes you haven’t worn in years. As a general rule, if you haven’t worn a specific piece of clothing in six months or longer, it’s time to let it go. What do you do with all of this extra clothing? […]

  • How a Charitable Clothing Donation Can Help Others

    Have you considered what you’ll do with your extra clothing and housewares? After a matter of time, it’s easy to accumulate clothing and other items that are no longer needed. Perhaps you’re not sure where to donate clothes or maybe you don’t see how your donations can help others. But there’s a variety of ways […]