From Hi-Lo Screws To Breakaway Torque Getting The Most Out Of Your Micro Screws

Custom fasteners

Less is more. This knowledge has undercut countless industries, with construction perhaps being the most literal.

Choosing the right screws can mean the difference between a decent job and a stellar one. Micro screws come in many impressive options, though it can take a little longer to know which one you need. Should you contact a screw manufacturer and ask them for a basic overview of their supplies? Are you better off using custom fasteners instead of choosing from an already existing list? Asking these questions now will keep you from getting frustrated when you find your custom set screws aren’t matching your expectations.

Learn about all your options below to get a better handle on such a small, yet vital part of your industry.

Did You Know?

Micro screws come in a wide assortment of shapes, sizes and materials and for good reason. Well over 200 billion fasteners are used every single year in the United States to keep up with growing demand. When you add the rising standards in quality for both manufacturer and consumer? Becoming familiar with your custom screw options could give you an edge. Your micro screws should not just be cheap, but flexible enough to hold up to any wear and tear.

History Of Basic Micro Screws

There’s always been a need for solid construction work. Human history has used everything from wood to brick to stone to craft homes, with modern civilization’s only difference being the sheer volume of technology on display. The concept of screws dates all the way back to 2,000 B.C.. Unlike today, early screws had to be made entirely by hand. This meant no two were ever alike, not until the early 1900’s where improved manufacturing provided the means of duplication. The National Screw Thread Commission established a standard that cemented the interchangeability of your average screw threads.

The State Of The Industry

The United States is ever keen on remaining a top competitor both in the West and worldwide. Today the American screw, nut and bolt industry employs over 130,000 people. These jobs range from manufacturing, construction, consultation, engineering and design. The revenue of the screw, nut and bolt manufacturing in the country also reached $30 billion just the year prior. When you reach out to a screw manufacturer it’s imperative you keep certain features in mind so you can get the most bang for your buck. This includes general resistance, high-quality materials and the right custom shoulder bolt options.

Thread Lockers And Torque

Not all screws are made the same. Failing to differentiate between these small differences could cost you money or progress in your business. The two main types of thread lockers available on the market are the inert thread lockers and the reactive thread lockers. Also dubbed ‘prevailing torque’, the inert thread locking is useful for its ability to create the most secure fastening lock. It’s resistant not just to vibration, but to shock related slippage.

Using The Best Small Screws

What should your micro screws do? At their best they’re making sure whatever product you’re creating holds up to transportation, time and good, old-fashioned use. Breakaway torque is the amount of torque needed to start the rotation between a locking fastener and mating thread, though this will change with reuse. The pre-load is how you measure your axial load imparted on each fastener, with the amount of applied seating torque needing to be carefully measured in pounds per square inch to encourage the right amount of tension. Expect 80% to 85% yield strength for most projects unless explicitly stated otherwise.

Great things come in small packages. How are you making sure you’re getting the most out of your micro screws?

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