Don’t Call These Office Supplies ‘Boring’ – Turn Them Into Your Latest Craft!

Reliable office supplies

If you?re a crafter, you know how important it is to think outside of the box. You can make something out of nothing with a little creativity (and a lot of glitter glue) if you just get the right idea. Typical crafting supplies include paints, ribbons, yarn, or paper to make a variety of projects, but have you ever considered using the items that might be lying around your desk? Those cheap bubble mailers you used to send Aunt Linda’s birthday presents could become a tool more valuable than your rotary cutter.
Take seemingly boring old office supplies and turn them into your latest project! Read below to see how three common office products can be used to create some seriously cool crafts.

  1. 3 Ring Binders
    There?s nothing more versatile than a good old fashioned 3 ring binder. When it comes to crafting, 3 ring binders can serve as an invaluable organizational tool for all of your supplies. A good tip is to take plastic binder sleeves separated by numbered dividers to give everything a place. Keep scrapbooking paper neat and tidy, sort greeting cards by occasion, or store pictures safely and neatly. It’s a good idea to buy 1/2 inch binders in bulk so you’re prepared with a multitude of binders on hand when a new idea strikes!
    3 ring binders can also become a crafting project themselves. If you have kids, you can turn a binder into a busy book filled with pages to color and activities to do. Use those plastic binder sleeves as dry erase boards for hours of fun! The possibilities are truly endless. The only limit is your imagination!
  2. Cheap bubble mailers
    Everybody has used one of those cheap bubble mailers to send something delicate, but their uses go beyond the post office. They can be a great material to craft with if you need a little padding or texture in your project. Little girls will love it if you use the padding from the bubble mailer to make their dolls some furniture.
    Do you love to paint? Try using the bumpy bubbles like a rubber stamp. Dip them in paint and press down on paper for a cool effect you can?t get from a paintbrush.
  3. Inkjet laser labels
    Labels can be used for more than just placing names on things. They are a scrapbooker?s or crafter?s best friend! Use laser labels to make captions for your photographs in your scrapbook. Get creative with the fonts and make art out of words, then stick them on to any project! If you plan on selling your crafts, you can make tags out of the labels and brand your product with a logo that?s all your own.

Got any other cool crafting ideas? Leave a comment below to tell us your favorite way to turn an unexpected object into a cool project!

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