Commentary on Cooling Towers

Small cooling tower

Cooling towers may be a foreign concept to you, but they can also be the most important item to keep you up and running. You may even be wondering, what is cooling tower technology? Don’t worry, there is tons of information out there to help you understand your cooling needs.

Basically, cooling towers are tall, open-topped, concrete, cylindrical towers. They are used to remove heat from machines or devices and distribute this heat waste into the atmosphere. About 80,000 cubic meters of water will pass through the cooling system of a typical refinery each hour. Without this cooling technology the machinery would overheat and shut down.

Not all cooling towers need to handle this capacity. As a matter of fact, cooling towers come in all different sizes. They range from small roof-top units to very large hyperboloid structures that can be up to 200 meters tall and 100 meters in diameter, or rectangular shapes that can be more than 40 meters tall and 80 meters long.

When choosing a cooling tower for your building or machines, you have two choices. There are open circuit or a wet cooling tower and there are closed circuit or dry cooling tower options. The open circuit cooling tower works on the concept of using evaporation of water to cool. The closed circuit cooling tower works solely with wind or air to cool.

The open circuit cooling tower works on the concept of using evaporation of water to cool.
There are hybrids that pass moving fluid through a group of tubes. Then, clean water is sprayed and a fan then applies a draft. The resulting heat transfer performance is much closer to that of a wet cooling tower. However, it uses the advantages of a dry cooler by preventing exposure of the working fluid to environmental exposure and contamination.

Do some research on cooling towers and their benefits. You can call around to sellers and ask for quotes and questions you still have. You are sure to find cooling towers that are made just for your type of building or factory.
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