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Water Facts

Water is one of the most used natural resources on earth. Each day, Americans alone use 346,000 million gallons of fresh water. Nearly 300 million people use tap water from public systems as opposed to the 15% of people who receive water from private water systems. These systems are not subject to government regulation. A proper water treatment process can turn all water into healthy and clean drinking water.

Our bodies are composed of nearly 60% water, and 20% of our fluid intake comes from the food we eat. Studies report that each man should consume about 13 cups, or 3 liters, of water a day and women should drink about 9 cups, or 2.2 liters per day. By the time you recognize that you are thirsty, your body has already lost more than 1% of its total water, making it important for you to keep drinking pure water all day, even when you don’t feel thirsty. Contaminant-free drinking water is only obtainable by utilizing a point-of-use filtration system. Home water treatment will take the hard minerals and chemicals out of tap water so it’s safe to consume and much healthier.

Health Benefits of Clean Water

Drinking pure, clean water can provide many health benefits as well as prevent negative health results. Younger, smoother skin is a result of drinking lots of clean water. When you keep your body properly hydrated with good water it will improve the flow along your gastrointestinal tract as well as prevent constipation. There is a certain amount of fluoride in most tap water. Fluoride is a salt compound and it helps to prevent cavities. However, too much fluoride can decrease bone strength, so it should only be taken in moderation. Most importantly, clean water is essential for a child to develop properly in both mental and physical health. Household water softener systems can reduce the amount of chemicals in hard water, making it more pure and safer to drink.

Health Hazards of Bad Water

Consuming hard water has a lot of health hazards that many people are not aware of. In fact, the developing countries that battle harsh diseases have impure and contaminated water to blame for the spread of epidemic disease. In any given region, there are over 2,100 known drinking water contaminants that may be present within the water. Many old water pipes have lead in them and can affect the water, making the consumer drink lead. This lead exposure causes 480,000 children in the United States alone to develop learning disabilities every year. Lead contaminated water can also cause birth defects when consumed by pregnant women, making it especially important for them to drink only pure water for the duration of their pregnancy. By avoiding hard water and using water filtration systems, you can prevent disease, learning disabilities, birth defects and many other illnesses.
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