Bug Infestations in Your Server Rack? Here’s How to Fix it

36u server rack

Believe it or not, most computer repair shops have their fair share of horror stories when it comes to computers, broken servers, and consoles. As any IT whiz will tell you, all of these devices use fans in order to circulate air and to prevent the device from overheating. However, that often leads to dust collection and damage. When these devices break, they are often stored in a closet or dark, forgotten room, where they are left to collect dust for years. That is, of course, until a problem arises.
By doing a quick search image search for “server+dust,” and you’ll stumble across dozens of images of servers and computers that are damaged by dust and are irreparable. And because these servers have been cooled in warm, dry and dark places, computer servers often get filled with something a little more disturbing than dust.
More often than you would believe, when they’re finally opened, many a person will find something that could be out of a horror story: lots and lots of bugs, everywhere. And not just tiny bugs — roaches.
So how can companies avoid such a disturbing problem? As simple as it sounds, all they need to do is invest in server rack enclosures.
When companies choose to neglect their server storage and maintenance protocols, they are choosing to engage in risky behavior. Servers are extremely delicate pieces of machinery that need to be in optimal conditions in order to function perfectly. This means that they need to be in a dry and cool environment, free from heat and moisture. Unless a company wants to shell out the big bucks for expensive server repairs or replacements, they should invest in server enclosures.
And for companies looking to save money while still investing in quality machinery, they can always buy used server racks.
If your company is in the business of installing servers or sells IT equipment, then it may be time to invest in server rack enclosures. After all, it’s better safe than sorry when it comes to roaches and bug infestations!
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