Air Cargo Offers Door to Door Delivery

American air cargo

Unlike commercial airlines, cargo companies are dedicated to transporting cargo by air. They operate both nationally and internationally, and by providing door to door transport, offer significant savings and other advantages. They play an essential part in managing and controlling the movement of products, services, and people, from the location of production to the final destination. They are also more efficient, specially for perishable goods, and more eco-friendly, by reducing the amount of traveling time.

Air cargo is cost efficient and quicker

Air cargo is a growing business and in 2012, around $6.4 trillion worth of cargo was transported by the global aviation industry. As of 2012, plane maker Boeing estimates that air cargo companies handled only around 60% of total global air cargo shipments. Nevertheless, air cargo companies are expected to account for around $75.4 billion in revenue by 2013, according to IBIS World.

The popularity of air cargo with door to door delivery is expected to increase because it offers significant advantages over commercial airlines and sea freight shipping. Labor, packaging and freight costs are drastically reduced because air cargo delivery is faster and has better security. For perishable goods and other time-sensitive deliveries, it is the best form of transportation, since it reduces the time spent in transit.

Less handling and less travel time also means a reduction in damage to goods. Consequently, insurance rates are generally lower for air cargo than for goods shipped via commercial airlines or by sea. Shipping goods from door to door gives the shipper more control over the shipping process.

Air cargo is eco-friendly transportation

By flying goods directly from source to destination, air cargo companies reduce travel time, and thus fuel used in transporting goods. Shippers can do their bit by using more paper than plastic to package their goods. Boxes and bags made of recycled materials are also a more eco-friendly option.

Many cargo companies
also provide full logistical support with shipment tracking and warehousing facilities. With all these advantages, air cargo shipping is likely to increase in volume and popularity.

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