5 Tips For Better Customer Service

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Your customers are at the center of your business, so your customer service directly impacts your success. By optimizing the way you communicate in your customer helpdesk, you can improve the way you attract and retain customers. Fortunately, there are simple tips you can follow to use work ticket software and other communication techniques to better serve your customer base. Follow these simple tips for enhancing your customer service practices today.

  1. Minimize hold time.: Customers in the United States spend a collective 900 million hours on hold every year. This creates plenty of impatient and unsatisfied people. Analyze how your company can minimize customer service hold time by hiring the proper amount of representatives and streamlining your assistance process as much as possible.
  2. Choose the best ticketing service.: Implementing the best ticketing tools is a step toward creating a better customer helpdesk. This will create the most efficient service protocol possible. The best helpdesk ticketing system software will also keep your representatives organized, preventing customers from being cast aside by accident.
  3. Communicate clearly.: Train your customer service representatives to be as clear and concise as possible. Customers appreciate direct instructions and explanations. This type of communication will also eliminate the risk of misunderstanding.
  4. Use affirmative language.: As you are working to improve communication, encourage your representatives to speak affirmatively. Customers should feel assured that their needs are being met and that their concerns are valid. Negative language will only trigger conflict.
  5. Distribute satisfaction surveys.: The best way to know how you can better serve your customers is to ask them directly. Send out periodic satisfaction surveys via phone or email to determine where you can improve.

By using the best ticket platform and other communication best practices, your business can significantly improve its customer service practices, thus improving your overall success. If you do receive negative feedback from customers, be sure to take it seriously. These comments can point to other places where your business can change. Also be sure to change your helpdesk protocols as technology advances and your business grows, as this evolution will cause customer expectations to change as well.


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