3 Pieces of Equipment You Will Need to Work With Specialty Gas

When working with gases of very high purities, it is important to work with the right high purity gas equipment. Specialty gases need to be handled carefully, to prevent any accidents from occurring. There are a number of equipment pieces that can be used to safely handle specialty gas, and this article will look at a few of the equipment pieces that must be used.

  • Disposable Cylinders: One piece of high purity gas equipment that is essential for use with any form of specialty gas are disposable cylinders. Cylinders are the only piece of equipment that can properly hold these gases under safe conditions. Storing them anywhere else, in any other container, risks having the gas escape, possibly in a damaging fashion. These cylinders can be disposed of once the gas is used up. Of all the equipment that needs to be used to handle high purity gas, this is one of the most important, because it provides proper storage.
  • Gas Regulators: Another piece of essential high purity gas equipment are gas regulators. These regulators monitor the pressure of any gas that is being held within a cylinder. This is a very important piece of equipment because high purity gases must be maintained under specific pressures. If the pressure becomes too high, some of the gases would be at risk of exploding or becoming unstable. Gas regulators attach to the top of the cylinder, to monitor the pressure within.
  • Flowmeter: A third piece of equipment that needs to be used with specialty gas is something known as a flowmeter. A flowmeter measures the flow of various materials, including gases. A flowmeter might be used to measure the flow of gas as it moves from one container, down a line, into another system. It’s important to measure the flow rate because these specialty gases can only be moved so quickly and still remain stable. A flowmeter can tell you how quickly the gas is flowing, so you’ll know if you need to slow down the flow, speed up, or stop it entirely.

In conclusion, there are a number of essential pieces of equipment that you will need to work with specialty gas. These include disposable cylinders, for proper storage of the gas, gas regulators, to monitor the pressure, and a flowmeter, to measure the flow rate when the gas is transferred from one container to another through a system of pipes or lines. These are the basic pieces of equipment you will need to work with these gases.

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