Month: May 2018

  • 4 Benefits of Name Matching for Big Data

    Many industries have large sets of data to sort through. Without the right kind of software, this task can seem nearly impossible. If you’re wanting to reduce the time and costs that go into inefficient data sorting methods, consider name matching software. Name matching software allows companies to sort through large amounts of data in […]

  • Home Construction Projects Are a Challenge to Complete on Your Own

    When you made the decision to finish the basement yourself, you were thinking about all of the money that you would be able to save. You did not realize, however, all of the necessary details that would be needed. From calculating the number of lath screws that would be needed to making sure that the […]

  • Reducing Human Error in Manufacturing Helps Add to Company Profits

    Corrective and preventive action (CAPA) is the process of making improvements to an organization’s processes. These processes are taken to eliminate causes of non-conformities, as well as other undesirable situations. In fact, CAPA training online is an important part of the strategic planning process of many companies of all sizes. The decision to have management […]

  • Learn More About Operating Your Kiln and Using Ceramic Coatings

    Ceramicists, metal sculptors, and other types of artists use kilns to create or add finishing touches to their work. Whether you’re a professional artist or just enjoy creating beautiful and functional objects, you may already own or have access to a kiln. Keeping a kiln in good working order involves following operating instructions as well […]

  • NHTSA Rules for Reflective Markings on Trucks and Trailers

    Visibility is a very important component of safety, which is why emergency workers, construction crews and pedestrians are all advised or even required to wear reflective clothing. Since 1992, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration or NHTSA has put in place rules requiring trucks and tractor trailers to be marked with reflective tape to make […]

  • Little Known Facts About the US Transportation Industry

    Whether you’re just wondering how freight gets to a warehouse or you work for an aerospace logistics company, there is a lot to learn about the U.S. transportation industry. Here are some little-known facts. There’s More Than One Way To Transport Freight Less than truckload shipping or less than load is a way of transporting […]

  • The United States’ Energy Consumption Is At An All-Time High Today’s Changing Energy Standards

    Buying the right equipment is always one of the toughest parts of any job well done. That’s because even a minor lapse in judgment can result in a lost of damage, wasted time…or both. Because of this you go the extra mile to do your research on concrete lifting equipment and make sure to double […]

  • Why Businesses Need to Protect the Business Email

    Across the globe, technology is developing and is completely changing how these businesses communicate and interact with the industries, competition, and consumers out there. While there are wonderful benefits that come along with this growth of technology, there is also some danger that can come along. So as a result, it is very important that […]

  • Behind Tax Season In The United States

    Tax season can be a busy and stressful time for many of us throughout the United States. In fact, the vast majority of us do not fully understand our taxes, what’s tax exempt, and why we are owed what we are owed – we just know that we have to file them by a certain […]

  • Bring More Customers to Your Local Business with GSA LED Sign Design

    If you run or manage a business that sells physical products out of a brick-and-mortar store, there is always the need to attract local customers through effective advertising strategies. In a world where the internet has now taken over a significant chunk of the advertising strategies and plans of companies, some traditional advertisement and promotion […]