Why Businesses Need to Protect the Business Email

Across the globe, technology is developing and is completely changing how these businesses communicate and interact with the industries, competition, and consumers out there. While there are wonderful benefits that come along with this growth of technology, there is also some danger that can come along. So as a result, it is very important that businesses properly protect their business email.

Across the globe, there were 3.7 billion email users in the year of 2017. This is the highest number ever recorded and in March of the year, it managed to grow to nearly 3.74. This does not even include people who are using a business email, instead, it focuses on personal emails. This number is currently projected to grow to nearly 4.3 billion users.

By the end of 2017, the number of e-mail users in the United States alone was projected to grow to 244.5 million. That number is forecast to grow to 254.7 million by 2020. As more and more people use a business email for their work, email hosting and email servers need to provide heightened security. Here are all of the facts on protecting a business email account.

A Business Email Can Be Hacked

In 2016, 76% of companies reported falling victim to phishing scams. Think about this statistic and let it help you frame the value of email security. This means that just about three-quarters of all businesses have been tricked into an online scam. This can bring about dangerous malware software that can hack a business for serious information.

Verizon’s 2017 Data Breach Investigations Report found that two-thirds of all malware was installed via email attachments during the previous year. Approximately 60% of malware was packaged in JavaScript attachments and 26% was packaged in malicious macros embedded in Microsoft Office documents. Even if an attachment is for a program you recognize, that doesn’t mean it’s trustworthy.

According to the Symantec 2017 Internet Security Threat Report, email is still the number one delivery vehicle for most malware. In 2016, one out of every 131 emails contained malware. This number is currently the highest rate in five years and points to how essential online security is for protecting a business email.

Business Emails Can Be Susceptible To Spam

Email solutions for small business and Microsoft exchange alternative are two of the many software used by the business. Any business that is investing in these types of software needs to also invest in protective software for security. As of September 2017, spam messages accounted for 59% of e-mail traffic worldwide.

The United States accounted for the majority of unsolicited spam emails in 2016, representing 12% of global spam volume. That year, the most common types of spam messages pertained to healthcare and dating. The most difficult part of stopping spam is dealing with how well designed it is. With the healthcare and dating information in mind, it shows that spam material is constantly adapting to the current world.

Approximately 45% of all e-mails sent are spam messages. This means 14.5 billion spam messages are sent globally each day. A lot of these spam messages will get sent right to a business email. Once it is opened up then these hackers can plant dangerous software that can potentially give a virus to a server or can expose confidential information from a business.

Advertising e-mails, like promotional sales content that the recipient did not opt-in to receive, represent 36% of spam. Adult-related content represents 31.7% of spam, while financial-related e-mails represent 26.5% of spam messages. According to the Radicati Research Group, e-mail spam cost businesses $20.5 billion in 2012, due to lost productivity and tech-related expenses. In 2018, the cost of spam to business is estimated to reach $257 billion.

In Conclusion

Every single year there are people who end up getting hacked with their business email. It is really important to take care of your email server especially when it comes to your business! The finances and valuable aspects f your business need to be kept safe! That way, you can avoid hacking and your business can have smooth sailing.


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