Your Brakes Gave Out and Caused an Accident – What Now? – Transmission and Brake Repair News


The NHTSA states that brake problems contributed to 22 percent of all car accidents that occurred in America between 2005 and 2007. Modern vehicles have advanced brake systems , which reduce the chance of malfunction. You can still be in an emergency situation, when the brakes stop working which could lead to accidents. You must be aware of your options should the situation occurs.

A car accident in which brakes fail could cause serious injury. You could also be in severe legal trouble if result in damage to your vehicle or sustain injuries. These tips will help you navigate this situation.

In case of any injury, stay at a safe distance and remain calm.

It’s scary to experience the immediate aftermath after a car crash due to brake malfunction. Even worse, you might be confused if you crashes into something with high speed. You might also sustain an injury if you are moving at a rapid speed. Thus, you should calm your mind and check your body for injuries.

It is difficult to stay calm while the adrenaline rush is circulating throughout your body. You can calm yourself by using methods of relaxation, such as meditation or counting down to 10. As your heart rate begins to slow down, start assessing your body for signs of injury. Keep your body from moving.


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