You’ll Be Blown Away by These Ventilation Facts

Chimney fan

Exhaust ventilation is necessary from everyone from kitchens, to bathrooms. However, most people don’t know or understand what exhaust fans do, and the mechanisms at work. In this article you’ll find a series of need to know ventilation terms and facts.

Exhaust Fan – Exhaust vans are HVAC systems that process and filter out the air, making sure it’s clean and breathable. In kitchens, for example, many impurities enter the air such as grease and smoke. Exhaust fans filter out these impurities and make the air cleaner and safer for the individuals within it. Ultimately, exhaust fans increase ventilation and air flow within a room or a building.

Commercial Centrifugal Fans – This is a kind of fan that moves air and other gases away. In a sense, it is considered a ‘blower’ and are used to increase the speed of air stream.

Chimney Fan – Chimney fans are a type of exhaust fan used to ventilate the smoke and unwanted air impurities that result from chimney smoke.

Duct Fan – Have you ever seen an airplane propeller. In its most basic design, this is what a duct fan is. These fans are excellent in helping air to circulate around a room.

Did you know…?

  • Fans are an excellent way to save money on utility bills. Did you know that having a fan in a room where the air conditioner is lowered can keep you just as cool but can save up to 15% on cooling costs? Talk about a cool deal!
  • Laminar fans are very popular for commercial use in hospitals; these babies keep air in circulation at 300 times an hour.
  • If you are using an exhaust fan in your restaurant, it’s recommended that you clean it every three months, and sometimes even more.
  • If you need an exhaust fan for your bathroom and you’re looking to find the proper sized fan, simply measure the volume of the room and then divide that number by five.
  • Are you blown away by these ventilation facts? Let us know in the comments below!

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