You Need Green Janitorial Services, Here’s Why

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We are all aware of the need to clean our homes and personal spaces, but what about more public spaces? Places like businesses, churches, day cares, or gyms also need to be cleaned regularly and professionally: and they should be utilizing green cleaning services. Why?

These Places Get Surprisingly Dirty

If you don?t have office cleaning services coming in regularly, you probably have noticed how easily things deteriorate even if someone in the office is tasked to clean things. A recent Staples survey found that half the respondents say their workmates are leaving dirty dishes in the kitchen, for example. But the really serious problem is what you can?t see.

Would you do office work on a toilet seat? Certainly you wouldn?t: yet the typical toilet seat has 400 times less bacteria than typical dirty desks. Another survey found that while a third of people believe their keyboard and phone are very dirty, less than 10% actually do anything about that. Our public spaces can get really nasty.

Dirty Facilities Lower Productivity and Keep Away Customers

If your gym doesn?t have advanced cleaning services coming in regularly, you might be sending potential customers running. 88% of surveyed people said a cleanliness issue would keep them from using a gym, according to Harris Interactive. And 72% claim they won?t use a gym if it smells unpleasant. Most importantly, 9 out of 10 health club members who ranked their club as ?extremely clean? also renewed their memberships. That’s incentive to keep things sparkling.

Your office cleaning services are important, too. Almost 100% of people are worried about picking up an illness at work, which is the kind of worry that cuts down on productivity and increases frustration. A whole 31% of those surveyed by the U.S. Department of the Interior said their custodial cleaning services weren?t meeting their needs.

Green Cleaning Is Important

You don?t want just any old service. Green cleaning services are an important way of protecting your indoor environment, and indoor pollution is something people do worry about. According to the EPA, chemical cleaning products contribute a lot the reality that our indoor air can be as much as 100 times more polluted than our outdoor air. If you haven?t hired green cleaning services for your janitorial service, you don?t know which of the estimated 17,000 petrochemicals available for home and office use are being used to clean your space. Only 30% of those 17,000 have ever been tested to see what they do to humans or to the environment.

The World Health Organization estimates that preventable heart and lung diseases cause 3.3 million deaths per year, and indoor air pollution is largely to blame for these conditions. 80% of cancers can be attributed to environmental factors more than genetic ones, and one of the biggest environments factors is carcinogenic chemicals, which many cleaning products contain. Without green cleaning services, you literally have no idea what is being sprayed, spritzed, or wiped all over your office, gym, or day care.

There are many benefits of green cleaning, and business cleaning services in general go a long way towards increasing employee happiness, customer satisfaction, and everyone?s health.

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