Wrap It Up How Mobile Ads Give You More Bang For The Buck

Truck wraps orange county

An advertising strategy using relatively cheap vehicle wraps gives you remarkably large exposure for the money you invest.

Statistics indicate that the average wrap ad is seen from 30,000 to 70,000 times each day. And there’s further evidence that some 95% of Americans are reached by mobile advertising – and that you can expect a response rate of 91% from your target audience. That group includes more than just drivers. Pedestrians also offer major potential when you employ mobile ads to get your message out, because you’re selling even when the vehicle is parked.

Compared to other ways you could spent your advertising dollar, numbers like that make cheap vehicle wraps look like a real bargain.

It’s not unheard of for users who advertise with a full vehicle wrap to report increases in business as high as 107%.

Obviously, comparatively cheap vehicle wraps hold a huge advantage over custom paint jobs in terms of expense. And, of course, they’re removable without leaving the surface damaged in any way. The basic material used is vinyl, and the eye-catching graphics and colors you use are limited only by your imagination.

This marketing option has become even more popular as companies see their competitors advertising with custom car wraps.

Just having your basic information on fleet vehicles is 15 times more effective at boosting your name recognition than other advertising methods. So you can see what a smart move it would be to take the next step and grow your brand with creative car wraps that really make your business stand out.

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