Worried About Your Next Fire Inspection? Be Prepared and You Won’t Be

Commercial fire protection

What is your plan if you have a fire at your place of business? Do you have one? Recently 119 businesses were asked about their evacuation plans as they related to potential fires. Only 35% had one. Protecting your business from fires is an important part of any company’s business plan, even if they do not see it that way. Having the right fire detection systems in place can make a huge difference. Fire alarm contractors report that when businesses have a detection system that includes alerting the fire department, they are able to limit the damage done by the fire. In fact, when the fire department is informed of a fire (their response time is typically three minutes) between ten and 15 minutes before the fire reaches the incipient stage they have the best chance of minimizing the damage the fire does to the business.

If you operate a business, you have an annual fire alarm inspections. These may cause you some deal of stress as no one wants to fail an inspection and risk having their business shut down for any period of time. It is important to note the reason these are required, say fire alarm contractors. Between 2006 through 2010, every year there were an average of 6,240 fires that were reported and responded to in health care facilities. Every year about 15 people are killed in hotel and motel fires. Nearly 150 people are injured in these fires every year. They cause at least $76 million to the businesses in property loss. The bottom line is that not dealing with fire safety issues will not prevent fires, fire protection systems and fire alarms will, however, protect you, your business and your customers or clients.

Tips from Fire Alarm Contractors to Be Ready for Your Annual Fire Alarm Inspection:

  • Test your systems on your own. Fire alarm contractors are not the only ones who can test your detectors and sensors, you can do it yourself. It takes a very short amount of time to walk through your space and run a check of each of your detectors and sensors yourself. This is one way you will either feel secure knowing all of your detectors and sensors are working the way they should or you can find any problems and fix them before the Fire Marshall comes by and finds it.
  • Pay attention to your batteries. Keep a schedule to check and replace all of the batteries in your fire alarm system. There are people who will make a point to check and switch out their fire alarm batteries every six months. Find a schedule that works for you and stick to it. Pay attention to how often you are changing the batteries. Fire alarm contractors say that if the batteries in one of your devices starts to drain more quickly that it had been, this may be an indication that the device is not working properly and you may want to have it looked at.
  • Know the guidelines. The more you know about the rules and regulations as they pertain to fires, the better prepared you can be for your annual fire inspections. If you know the codes, for instance, you will have a better idea of what the Fire Marshall will be looking for when they come to your pace of business.
  • Hire good fire alarm contractors. It is their job to know all of the rules and regulations that pertain to fire inspections and fire alarm systems. They can work with you to make sure you have the right systems and plan in place to prevent any fires that can be prevented and to deal with any that cannot. Every business has its own unique challenges and issues when dealing with fire prevention and protection. Doing these things properly is about more than just passing your next fire inspection but can protect your business.

Your business means a lot to you. Protecting it from fire can make all the difference. Sure you have fire insurance but having the right fire alarm and protection systems installed and properly maintained can make all the difference in world for your company.



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