Why Your Company Should Invest in the New ISO 45001

Food and safety certification

In the business world, having efficient processes is critical, as it can often boost your revenue. For this reason, many companies invest in quality management system certification to ensure that their day to day transactions are completed using high efficiency methods, and best industry practices.

For any industry, certification from the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) can help make this a possibility.

One particular standard that has recently made headlines is the newest ISO occupational health and safety certification that will replace the existing one from the Occupational Health and Safety Advisory Services (OHSAS). The new ISO 45001 is set to be published in October of 2016.

Here are some benefits of both the OHSAS 18001 and the new ISO 45001.

  • Reduce Risk. Workplace injuries happen fairly often, and personal injury claims are reportedly one of the most commonly filed lawsuits in the country. When a company seeks occupational health and safety certification, it has to go through a certified quality auditor, who will inspect the premises to determine if the workplace is safe for employees. This helps a company correct any faulty wiring, fix doors, and move dangerous equipment that could land it in a costly lawsuit.
  • Efficiency. When an auditor evaluates a company, he or she analyzes the company’s entire facility, as well as its practices. These auditors receive ISO certification training that allows them to identify methods that could be improved to maximize customer benefits, and also improve a company’s efficiency. This will likely boost production quality and distribution as well.
  • Higher Profits. When a company’s system is tweaked and made more efficient with the help of an ISO certification, it will likely begin to generate higher revenue. The reason for this is that ISO certification keeps companies running skillfully, using efficient processes to conduct daily tasks. Also, when employees are given a safe environment to work in, and are handed superior tools to perform their jobs, the result will likely be greater productivity, and consequently, higher profits.

With a more improved certification on the horizon, companies can look forward to better standards, and new practices to improve their business model.

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