Why You Should Welcome Your Worshipers With an LED Sign

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These days, it can take some creativity to get congregants to come to Sunday worship. Some churches might be getting clever with what they put on their signage (a few have even gone viral!), but they’re missing out on another eye-catching opportunity: using LED signs for their church marquee.

Although some may consider it an unconventional move, bold outdoor church signs have the potential to create a marked effect on attendance and general interest. And if it gets more people in your doors, isn’t that what really matters?
Although it’s more commonplace to find digital LED business signs, the same commercial principles can easily apply to churches and other houses of worship. About 35% of people surveyed reported that they would never have discovered a given business if it weren’t for their sign, and the more striking a sign is, the more attention it gets.

It can be difficult to reach new members of the community, and word-of-mouth is usually relied upon for gaining new congregants. However, just like churches around the country are signing up for Instagram and Facebook, the addition of a vibrant LED sign can help, too. Studies have shown that simply adding a sign has a direct, positive impact on revenue for businesses, and that replacing a small sign for a large or more alluring sign can increase revenue by 7.7%. Although revenue is not the goal for churches, the correlation between signage and the number of folks who walk through the door is quite evident. And don’t underestimate the reach of well-placed signage: an on-site sign has the equivalent reach of 24 full-page newspaper ads!
Outdoor church signs are a great way to welcome existing and potential members of your congregation, and to express a specific message to the community at large. With full color LED signs, that message can be expressed in a fun and beautiful way, and you’ll be guaranteed to get noticed. In order to keep kids in church, it’s important to reach a younger audience, and there’s no simpler way to do that than with a church marquee sign that appeals to an electronics-obsessed generation. Embracing change doesn’t have to be a bad thing: an eye-grabbing sign with your church’s message of love can be just the thing to bring folks back next Sunday morning.

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