Why You Need Global Project Management Specialists for a Facility Relocation

Facility relocation is a time of challenges and opportunities, and it can be important to do it exactly right. With a facility relocation project plan in place, you can hit the ground running. Facility project management experts who specialize in global relocation can help design a process that minimizes time and expenses in the move and in making the new facility operational.

Planning a facility relocation
Relocating a facility can be a highly complex operation and it’s best to have the complete process design and layout in place before you start. A manufacturing consulting firm can help you move your lean manufacturing facility with the minimum of time and expense. They have the experience and knowledge to avoid complications and problems along the way.
The core of a facility relocation plan is a clear, well documented and consistent process, starting with the decision to relocate. The benefits and risks, as well as the new location should be reviewed to make the right decision. Communicating the decision and detailed plan to all workers and government bodies is important in making sure the transition goes smoothly.

Lay out and factory design
Facility project management experts can help you to design your new lean manufacturing facility. This is a chance to optimize and upgrade your factory’s layout and design for maximum efficiency and quality. The next step is to tackle all the required paperwork, including distribution lists and records. Protection and careful handling of all equipment, especially calibrated equipment, is necessary to ensure that production can begin at the new location as soon as possible.
Following the move, all equipment should be tested after being installed in the new location. An internal audit of your production processes will help to optimize it in the new setting. News of the move should be communicated to all investors, clients, partners and regulatory bodies. Clear communication at every stage is crucial to the success of this project.

Do you need facility project management experts?
For facility relocation, as well as many other kinds of projects, facility project management experts can help you to streamline and optimize your processes. Their experience can help you to avoid common mistakes and pitfalls, and to handle the documentation and paperwork necessary.

Relocating a manufacturing facility is a major project, and facility project management experts can help smooth the way. With a clear and consistent plan in place, you can minimize the disruption and optimize design and production at the new location.

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