Why Videos are Still So Useful in Today’s Day and Age


Video production is one of the most quickly progressing technology advancements of late. There’s so many things that videos are used for. The word video sounds a little obsolete. It makes one think of VHS tapes which are practically extinct. While they do still exist, they have become vintage and antique; this generation doesn’t even recognize a VHS player much like the previous generation and record players. However, there are some things that we can just not do without. Here are a few great things that primarily videos are used to make and produce even nowadays:

Videographers will definitely tell you that movies are videos and vice versa. The scenes are ‘videoed.’ Often times they are still said to be ‘taped’ although a tape is not used anymore. For instance, you would probably never say that you are going to a see a video, (“going to see a movie” is usually the more widely accepted choice of words) a short movie can be and often is referred to as a video. YouTube, for example are short clips that are not as long as movies but are still moving pictures.

Video marketing is a big thing. The best thing about them being used to advertise a product or a business that you can use songs and music to advertise the specific product. Everyone knows that music is the most effective way to get people to remember things. Jingles are placed in most ads because if someone hears it enough, it will get stuck in their head and whenever they see or hear the product name, the jingle will play in their mind’s ears. This method can also be used in radio ads but with the wide use of stereo systems, smart phones and Ipods, radios are not as commonly used as they used to be. Either that or, when an ad comes on the radio, the channel gets switched. However, putting video advertisements in front of YouTube videos and online TV shows is proving to be a very effective method.

Videos are also used to make people aware of situations. Diseases, ailments, disabilities, charities, third world crises and more can be shown in videos. There’s something so much more effective about showing videos of situations instead pictures or even worse, written articles. Being able to show moving pictures of children with no shoes or food, suffering from various diseases caused by contaminated water is very moving when trying to fund raise to help these types of places. People are much more likely to want to get involved if they can see the situation with their own eyes.

Video training is another effective method of video usage. Rather than having a man or woman stand at the front of a training class and drone on about the policies and procedures of new employment while handing out paperwork for the new employees to fall asleep looking at, showing a video of the hands on work that they will be doing is much more likely to catch their attention and help understand what it is exactly that they will expected to do.

Chat is one of the most popular usages for this today. Family that lives far away can use it to keep in touch. They are also very useful for daughters to call their mothers on to have her show them how to turn a dress into a skirt using their new sewing machine.

There are even more uses for videos in today’s day and age. Using them can be extremely effective in many areas including political rallies, concerts and even sending videos to one another. Knowing how to make use of videos is important to keeping up with the changing technologies and methods of communicating and they should be taken advantage of in every way possible. It doesn’t take a huge stretch of the imagination to figure out other ways that videos can be used. They are all around us at every turn, if you pay attention. Any kind of moving picture can be called a video. Even some billboards have video attachments so that the ad being shown to the public can be seen in short clips as people drive by.

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